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Evergreen Elementary School

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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Evergreen School - “Home of the Eagles”
I would like to welcome all of you to the new school year. Whether you are new to our school or have been a part of Evergreen in the past, you are an important component to assure your child has a rewarding and meaningful elementary experience. At Evergreen, teams of teachers work together to explore new teaching strategies to help our students learn. We rely on parental support through volunteering and heading committees that enhance the educational programs we offer our students.

Evergreen Elementary School is a high quality learning community with students in preschool through fourth grade. Our enrollment for this school year is around 320.  Students have many opportunities to learn and grow at Evergreen. In addition to all the academic opportunities, students are offered physical education, music, and art. Evergreen also has available to our families PALS, which is a before and after school day care program. Evergreen students will attend Benjamin Middle School for fifth through eighth grade and attend West Chicago Community High School District 94 for their high school experience.

Did you know that:
  • Our district serves the western section of the Village of Carol Stream.
  • Benjamin School District 25 was founded in the 1840’s and is one of the oldest school districts in DuPage County.
  • Benjamin School District 25 was a one school district until 1974.
  • Evergreen was built in 1974.
And now a question for you!

Before our school was named Evergreen, what was it called?

If you answered Morton Road School, you are correct! In 1981 our school was renamed Evergreen School.

Why the name change?

In 1974 Morton Road School was constructed. The school was in the middle of a cornfield. You had to walk about 200 yards to get to the school. There was a likeness of a road to school which allowed only school buses to get through to drop off the students.

In 1978, a thirteen classroom addition was added to the school to accommodate the increased enrollment in the area. The school was now located on Evergreen Drive rather than Morton Road. Students voted to change the name of the school to Evergreen in 1981.

Through our website, we hope you will learn many things about our school and our student achievements. I look forward to partnering with you in the education of your child. Feel free to contact me anytime at (630) 876-7810 or

Laura Pfanenstiel - Principal of Evergreen Elementary School